SnapIt – A Good Product: Easy to Use & Solves a Problem

Many people like to complain about products they use or talk about unmet needs. I am interested in hearing these complaints & needs. There is still a long path from identifying the needs to delivering a solution to the market but you got to start somewhere.

A good product I used in the past is called SnapIt (, a screen capture tool. First, a disclaimer: I am not in software review business, nor intend to be. But, this is a tool that fits the two qualifiers in the title:

  1. Easy to Use: This is a well-abused term. Nobody really knows what it means and developers roll their eyes when they hear it as a “requirement.” Without getting too technical, here is why I think this tool is easy to use. Installation was straightforward and I could start using it right after the installation ended. No manuals to read, “readme” files to check out, online communities to get tips from, so on so forth. These things may exist with SnapIt, but I don’t really care. To me, it is a tool that does something I need (will get to this in the next point) and does it in a way that made sense to me. Yes, fully subjective, so what?
  2. Solves a Problem: I always hated the “Print Screen” button that ever existed on keyboards. It is just plain useless! And, I don’t want to capture my whole screen and try to crop out the area I need in yet another software. SnapIt does just that. It lets you pick whatever on your screen that you need, create a snapshot and done. I did not think it was a difficult thing to create a tool like that but it took many years until I saw something that I liked.

Yes, it is one small thing in life, but life gets better by taking care of things one at a time.

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