About Me

My mission is to ensure that the most innovative and impact-driven human healthcare solutions see the light of day as viable commercial products and services.

Created, Grew, Exited x 3… Working towards #4

In new product development and executive management roles since 2002, I have built a reputation for commercializing academic and scientific research, mostly in the health technologies sector. Directly responsible for creating over $125 million in business value as an intrapreneur and an entrepreneur for three organizations, I am now pursuing a fourth new-business success with a global oncology treatment devices company.

Acumyn Inc. sold to Elekta

As CEO of Acumyn from 2014 to 2018, I led the spin out of a healthcare software business from the University Health Network, a world-class network of research hospitals in Toronto, Canada. Navigating complex public-sector policy and structure, I oversaw the development and growth of a research-backed regulatory compliance automation platform that was installed in and used by top cancer research centres in Canada, USA, UK, The Netherlands, Australia, and China among others. In July 2018, the business was sold to Elekta, a NASDAQ-listed global healthcare devices firm.

New business model pivot

As an enterprise hardware and software distributor, Softchoice was reliant on winning RFPs from the largest corporations in Canada and USA to fulfill their enterprise hardware and software needs. The revenues were unsustainable in the long term, however, with distribution agreements coming due every few years and with it, another RFP process and a race-to-the-bottom price-wise. As well, with cloud-based SaaS software on the horizon to disrupt the traditional corporate procurement models, Softchoice brought me on to lead a skunk-works project to define, prove, and operationalize a new business model that would modernize the company’s revenue streams: Softchoice Cloud. The business line now represents tens of millions (estimated) in revenue for the company.

Entry into new markets, displacing incumbent technologies

A leader in mass spectrometry devices, Sciex (formerly MDS Sciex) wanted to expand its product offerings to now target drug discovery at the cellular phase (as opposed to its existing business in molecular sciences). Based on research initially done at Stanford University and patented by a spin-off company that was then acquired by Sciex, I led product development activities to create a market-viable product that reduced the cellular stage of the drug discovery process from a few months in duration to a matter of weeks. Over its lifetime, the product represented over $100 million (estimated) in revenues for Sciex.

My fourth

As part of Elekta’s acquisition of Acumyn, I now lead Elekta’s newest portfolio of product and service offerings, QA Solutions, as Vice-President. It will be an exciting new challenge to oversee the global success of this new business line.

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