Ensuring Software Quality Through Predictive Models

Ensuring high-quality software delivery continues to be an unsolved problem for many companies. Software development methodologies have evolved to match the needs of the fast-paced industry. However, good and reliable tools for effective decision-making with regards to when software is ready to be launched still do not exist.

Recently, I learned about a research in this area, which may change this situation. Over the past ten years, a group of academic researchers have been working on developing predictive models that analyze complex code, including code metrics as well as team (human) metrics. Their models very effectively predict which parts of the code is likely to be defective and unreliable. The research group published over 80 scientific articles in prestigious publications and extended their research to industry collaborators’ code. Their research has attracted international interest, included that of IBM Canada and Microsoft Research.

Intrascope Consulting is now working with the research group to commercialize the analysis tools in order to extend the benefits to all software development organizations. As we do this, we are offering analysis services free of charge to organizations that are actively developing software. If you are interested in participating in our offering, please let me know: ferhan.bulca@intrascope.ca.

Please stay tuned for more updates on this topic in the coming months.

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