Thoughts on “4 Steps to Becoming a Successful Intrapreneur”

4 Steps to Becoming a Successful Intrapreneur by Will Yakowicz is an interesting read. In my opinion, it accurately and efficiently summarizes four attributes of a successful intrapreneur.

I strongly agree with all four and will discuss two of them here:

#2 Know what you are willing to invest: This is an area I constantly remind those who take my program at University of Toronto. Personal investments include time, effort and resources, on the obvious side. It also includes personal credit (of which you have a limited amount) in your company. Loss of personal credit scares many but a successful intrapreneur looks at the potential credit he/she could earn if their idea is successful. Fear leads to inaction, opportunity fosters action.

#4 Just do it already: Larger organizations require lots of planning, collaboration, prioritization, and approvals to initiate projects. A successful intrapreneur knows how much to plan and when & how to act. Results speak louder than paper studies. Knowing how to fly under the radar and when to show off successful results is a critical skill for intrapreneurs.

I welcome your comments on my blog. Please share this posting if you find it helpful. If you have any questions, comments or thoughts, I would love to hear from you.

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