• Ferhan Bulca

    I am an executive leader and a serial intrapreneur focused on innovation and design thinking. My purpose in life is to create products and services that make the world a better place to live in.

    In the course of my career, I have developed a deep understanding and expertise on all aspects of technology commercialization and product/service development. As a result, I have built multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up.

    I am the creator and the Lead Instructor for Business Innovation Certificate Program at University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies.

    I offer business consulting services and I am available as a speaker for private and public events.

    Watch my recent talk at Ashoka Canada's Changemakers event at University of Toronto on YouTube.

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Success Stories & Testimonials


Medical Instruments

CellKey™ is the first and only product of its kind on the market, allowing cellular biologists to analyze cellular behaviour unaided by lab additives for purer research results.  The technology also lets researchers eliminate the need for trial-and-error experimentation, bringing experiment durations down to two weeks instead of three months. I took the concept when it was a lab experiment and turned it into a business line with multi-million dollar annual revenue.

My role in this project included:

  • Represented ABSciex in investigating commercialization potential of research done by partner company
  • Identified critical assets (intellectual property and key personnel) when ABSciex acquired partner company
  • Provided technical guidance to customer focus groups to understand customer requirements
  • Defined technical strategy, mapping evolution of product platform through two generations
  • Represented technical interests to corporate executives, securing continued support and financing
  • Architected development strategy, including outsourcing, insourcing, and make-buy decisions
  • Led multi-disciplinary and multi-national team through design-build-deployment cycles, creating company-wide excitement for the product and attracting top talent to the team
  • Institutionalized knowledge of the product throughout the company, ensuring operational continuity and ongoing growth


Softchoice Cloud is the first “Cloud Services Brokerage” that offers customers access to over 2,000 cloud-based applications from a single portal.  Consultants help customers quantify the ROI to implement cloud storage and computing capabilities, and centralized technical support offers easy resolution of issues. I took the concept of the business line, led its development and launched it to market as a new business line.

My role in this project included:

  • Participated in vision- and goal-setting for Softchoice Cloud with C-level executives to enter Softchoice into a new and experimental business area
  • Developed multi-year P&L for Softchoice Cloud business line, presented it to the C-level and the Board, and obtained support for the project
  • Architected the business strategy and a development strategy to achieve it, including technology partnerships, and make-buy decisions
  • Made decisions on partner companies for key technologies, directed technical team during due diligence, negotiated and signed partnership contracts
  • Built and led a multi-disciplinary development team, including skills in marketing, legal, user experience, software development, sales, services, and finance
  • Created company-wide excitement in the project and attracted top talent both from within and from outside
  • Identified target markets, created questions and conducted customer interviews to understand customer needs
  • Raised profile of the project with a third-party think-tank to bring credibility and visibility to Softchoice Cloud
  • Spearheaded integration of the new business line into the company, working with operational leaders of the company to transition project activities to routine operations


Barzel Industries (now acquired by Nova Steel) set a company goal to transition from being a commodity trader to a manufactured goods company through introduction of new products to its portfolio. Given the world-wide recession at the time, the company was restricted in its ability to invest into new plants, machinery, personnel and tools. I joined the company at the start of recession, when no new investment could be made. Using only available machines and skills in the company, introduced over 60 high-margin products to market within six months. 

My role at Barzel Industries included:

  • Assessed the capabilities of existing machinery and design tools at 22 plants across N. America. Set decision criteria on new product ideas and options taking into consideration business, market and financial constraints
  • Interviewed sales people, plant managers, distributors and channel sellers to identify potential products for the company to develop and market. Prioritized product  ideas against selection criteria
  • Developed an organizational strategy that required no investment in plants or in machinery
  • Hired personnel, negotiated with vendors for appropriate design tools and built an agile new product development (NPD) team
  • Set goals for the NPD team as “one design a day” and “concept-to-market within one week”
  • Introduced over 60 new product designs, ready to market within six months

SELECT TESTIMONIALS – See more on my LinkedIn profile

“Ferhan is incredibly bright and has the amazing ability to simplify issues and get to the heart of the matter. He is a very practical manager and leader who can mobilize a team to accomplish anything. I have seen him time and again take on challenges and bring innovative new ideas to the table. Ferhan is also has the rare talent of being able to bridge between strategy work and tactical execution; he really can think big and act small.”
Paul Snowdon, Founding Partner at The Sensei Group (formerly, Director, Lean Six-Sigma at Softchoice)

“As the leader of a cross functional team Ferhan excelled at creating an atmosphere of empowerment, accountability and innovation. The team produced breakthrough ideas and was successful deploying a significant new business in a quality fashion. Ferhan’s balance of inspirational leadership and operational excellence provides great value to the organizations with whom he works.”
Quentin Kong, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Product Development, Inscape

“Ferhan is committed to success of the organization. He brings a systems orientated approach to thinking while maintaining support and mentorship for his staff. Ferhan will be an asset to any type of organization and I am sure will succeed in helping the organization grow and prosper.”
Mark Feher, Director, Project and Portfolio Management Services at Empowered Networks

“Ferhan is a highly collaborative and innovative leader. He constantly scans the landscape for opportunities to bring new technologies or practices to improve processes. An out of the box creative thinker. ”
Dan Henes, Engineering and Development Senior Director at Blackberry

“I had the great pleasure of working with Ferhan Bulca at a time of significant organizational change. Ferhan was an insightful leader of a group that created a unified method for new product development out of 22 very different organizations. This team created a cogent system for capitalizing on the company’s current capabilities, and a platform for new product introduction. Ferhan’s calm and collected demeanor was most appreciated in this high stress fast passed environment.”
Rick Denison, Senior Implementation Consultant at Synchrono (formerly, Director of Synchronization at Barzel Industries)

“Ferhan possesses a keen intellect and strong strategic skills. He communicates and listens with equal ability, which sets him apart from many managers that I have worked with. He created a new product development team from scratch and was instrumental to the introduction of some innovative products to a well established line in a short period of time. ”
Jason Farrell, Operations Manager at Superior Propane


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